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Nutritional CRO & test laboratory

Nutritional CRO

We see ourselves as a Nutritional CRO with the necessary expertise and longstanding, international experience in nutrition-related, clinical questions of bioactive ingredients.

In vivo expert on foods

Our interdisciplinary team offers customized solutions for study design and implementation in our in-house study site or in collaboration with external facilities. In order to guarantee highest quality, the EDC system ALPHADAS® with full audit trail is established beside our internal QM system based on ICH-GCP.

The aim of our studies is the verification of concepts, the detection of health-related effects to reinforce products and the scientific substantiation of health claims for market communication.

Therefore we offer:

  • Development of sensible concepts for securing product positioning
  • Planning, organization and implementation of clinical trails
  • In-house study site with adjacent test laboratory
  • Documentation following ICH-GCP with internal QM system
  • Wide range of indication areas
  • Publication of scientific results