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Biomonitoring: solvent-screening

In Germany the employer takes on the legal responsibility for health protection at the workplace. The German directive for preventive occupational medicine (ArbMedVV) thus stipulates a regular, biological monitoring for exposed staff. BioTeSys examines in cooperation with the responsible occupational physicians potential expenses for the employee in solvent-screening.

As part of the occupational healthcare we determine the solvent metabolites of toluene, xylene and styrene or metabolic products of benzene and mercapturic carcinogenic in blood or urine samples. Our contract laboratory stands for a flexible and rapid project handling at a fair price. As partner of the company doctor his needs and the company’s needs rank first. For more details see the datasheet Biomonitoring (download 312 KB).

Voluntary supplementary parameters

As part of the occupational health prevention, it may be interesting for the company doctors or enterprise to provide its clients additional information. Such additional parameters are also interesting to medical practitioners and nutritionists:

  • Vitamins
    Vitamin D, E, B1, B6 and β-carotene
    An adequate intake of vitamins ensure the smooth flow of endogenous functions such as metabolism, movement processes or defense against pathogens.
  • Nerves
    Vitamin B1 and B6
    These vitamins are very important for the nervous system.
  • Bone
    Vitamin D3
    The vitamin supports the development and maintenance of bones.
  • Nutritional status
    ...also in conjunction with an optimization of business lunch deals or nutrition programs.

Are you interested in these or other additional parameters, then contact us. Based on your requirements we offer individualized proposals.