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BioTeSys' colleagues regularly appears as speaker at public events and publish scientific articles. Information on those events and release notes, as well as company announcements can be found here at a glance.

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An EU project to make the use of nanomaterials safer for everyone ...

A film about an ambitious project on aging named "MARK-AGE" ..

An interlaboratory comparison of methods used to assess antioxidant potentials

Publication with our employee Dr. Inka Pfitzner from the Department of In vitro test systems.

BASF Study performed by BioTeSys provides interesting results

Expectant mothers may be at risk of vitamin A deficiency.

BioTeSys – Innovative Partner for Product Development

Modern in vitro testing methods improve work flow and return on investment.

BioTeSys confirms the effects of Functional Food

Functional Food is a growing market. BioTeSys confirms effects of Coenzym Q10.