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Publikation: 26. März 2013

Physiological effects of oral glucosamine on joint health: current status and consensus on future research priorities

The aim of this paper was to provide an overview of the current knowledge and understanding of the potential beneficial physiological effects of glucosamine (GlcN) on joint health. The objective was to reach a consensus on four critical questions and to provide recommendations for future research priorities. To this end, nine scientists from Europe and the United States were selected according to their expertise in this particular field and were invited to participate in the Hohenheim conference held in August 2011. Each expert was asked to address a question that had previously been posed by the chairman of the conference. Based on a systematic review of the literature and the collection of recent data, the experts documented the effects of GlcN on cartilage ageing, metabolic/kinetic and maintenance of joint health as well as reduction of risk of OA development. After extensive debate and discussion the expert panel addressed each question and a general consensus statement was developed, agreeing on the current state-of-the-art and future areas for basic and clinical studies. This paper summarizes the available evidence for beneficial effects of GlcN on joint health and proposes new insight into the design of future clinical trials aimed at identifying beneficial physiological effect of GlcN on joint tissues.

Publikation: 01. September 2012

Investigation of a Perilla frutescens special extract – Anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory properties

Perilla frutescens (L.) Britton leaves are used as food and in traditional medicine. A Perilla leaf special extract was used to investigate the anti-inflammatory effects and mode of immune-modulatory properties in the following ex vivo experiments addressing different immune cells. After stimulation, pattern of cytokines were determined and thus information about mode of action derived. As a result, anti-inflammatory effects were seen on the monocytic level with significant reduction of TNF-s production whereas on the T-helper cellular level, reactions were less pronounced but a shift towards a TH2-helper response was identified. Both effects were dose dependent. Results underline the anti-inflammatory and other immune-modulatory properties which might impact the beneficial effects in different indications, like for example irritable bowel syndrome.

Publikation: 01. Juni 2012

Essenzielle Mikronährstoffe zur Verbesserung des Versorgungsstatus bei gesunden Probanden

Der Nutzen einer Mikronährstoffsupplementation wird in der Wissenschaft kontrovers diskutiert. Dennoch gibt es Hinweise darauf, dass verschiedene Erkrankungen durch geringe Mikronährstoffdefizite begünstigt werden. In einer randomisierten, placebokontrollierten, doppelblinden Studie wurde der Einfluss einer Nahrungsergänzung mit einer breiten Kombination von aufeinander abgestimmten Mikronährstoffen bei 48 gesunden Probanden über 3 Monate untersucht. Ziel war es, Informationen sowohl zur extra- als auch intrazellulären Versorgungslage zu erhalten. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass eine solche Supplementation den Versorgungsstatus auch in gesunden Personen unterstützen und dabei einzelne Stoffwechselparameter positiv beeinflussen kann.

Publikation: 04. November 2011

The Synergistic Antioxidate Effect of Ascorbyl 2-Phosphate and Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate

The use of antioxidants in cosmetics has a long history. Two different modes of application can be distinguished. They are used either to stability the cosmetic formulation or to protect the skin. As a formulation stabilizer, they serve as a "technical antioxidant." Here they are being used to prevent the oxidative deterioration of labile ingredietns such as unsaturated fatty acids or oxidation-prone active ingredeitns. Both synthetic compounds like butylated hydroxytoluene and natural antioxidants like alpha-tocopherol are frequently used for this purpose. The synergistic antioxidative effect of ascorbyl 2-phosphate and alpha-tocopheryl acetate was investigated in vitro using a human keratinocyte cell line and a fluorescence-based assay system.

Publikation: 19. Oktober 2011

The automated FADU-assay, a potential high-throughput in vitro method for early screening of DNA breakage.

Genotoxicity tests are essential to identify compounds that have a potential to compromise not only the environment but also human and animal health, including compounds that increase the risk of cancer. At present, no single test is capable of detecting all types of genotoxic effects; therefore a battery of in vitro and, if positive, in vivo tests is necessary to determine the genotoxicity of a substance. However, the respective specificities of current assays have been criticized for their high percentage of false positive results. We recently published an automated version of the "Fluorimetric detection of Alkaline DNA Unwinding" (FADU) assay for measuring DNA strand breaks in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells or in cell lines.

Publikation: 26. August 2009

Macular pigment and fixation after macular translocation surgery

After full macular translocation (MT) surgery with 360 degrees retinotomy, the fovea is rarely identifiable. Our aim was to verify the position of the fovea, to determine how patients fixate after MT and to examine distribution and optical density of macular pigment (MP).

Publikation: 10. Juni 2009

Investigation of niacin on parameters of metabolism in a physiologic dose: randomized, double-blind clinical trial with three different dosages

The aim of this double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over design trial was to assess the safety of a multi-vitamin preparation containing nicotinic acid in a physiological dose. Seventy-two healthy volunteers took part in this trial. At six consecutive time-points, we systematically documented blood pressure, pulse, skin temperature and flushing symptoms after an oral dose of up to 50.1 mg nicotinic acid. The results suggest that nicotinic acid in a dosage of 16.7 mg does not cause flushing symptoms. In higher doses up to 50.1 mg, flushing symptoms are sporadically possible. There was no physiologically relevant change regarding the central metabolic parameters blood pressure, pulse and skin temperature.

Publikation: 18. März 2009

[Anti-inflammatory action of a hyaluronic acid-chondroitin sulfate preparation in an in vitro bladder model]

Interstitial cystitis and BPS (bladder pain syndrome) are chronic inflammatory diseases of the bladder. They are as yet imperfectly understood diseases, possibly originating from damage to the glycosaminoglycan layer of the bladder epithelium . Hyaluronic acid-containing preparations are currently utilised for palliation of the symptoms and protection of the bladder epithelium . The aim of the work described here was the evaluation of one of these preparations containing chondroitin sulfate together with hyaluronic acid.

Publikation: 03. Januar 2009

Regulatory effects of a fermented food concentrate on immune function parameters in healthy volunteers

Nutrition is known to influence the immune system and can thereby modulate resistance to infection. The objective of this clinical trial was to assess the influence of a cascade-fermented food consisting of fruits, nuts, and vegetables rich in polyphenols (Regulat) on the immune system in healthy volunteers.

Publikation: 01. Januar 2008

[An improved model of a catheterised human bladder for screening bactericidal agents]

Catheter encrustation and associated blockage by a crystalline Proteus mirabilis biofilm constitute a continuous problem in long-term catheterised patients. The objective of the present work was to verify a new, physiological bladder model possessing the ability to show that triclosan-blocking solutions exert bactericidal and bacteriostatic activities.