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BioTeSys' colleagues regularly appears as speaker at public events and publish scientific articles. Information on those events and release notes, as well as company announcements can be found here at a glance.

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Interlaboratory exchange test for standardization of enzyme activity including DSM Food Specialties

The Analytics Department of the BioTeSys GmbH offers the determination of enzyme activities of neutral lactase activity (NLU) and arylsulfatase (ASU). The validation of the used method is verified by an interlaboratory exchange test including the laboratory DSM Food Specialties.

French R&D partners of BioTeSys receive tax relief

The BioTeSys GmbH receives the accreditation as research service provider from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research which enables French companies to claim research efforts as tax deductions. French customers of BioTeSys benefit from the accreditation with a tax relief up to 30 percent of the contract value of the R&D project (Dépenses de recherche).

Partenaires français de R & D de l'avantage de BioTeSys allégement fiscal

L'entreprise BioTeSys S.a.r.l. a été accréditée par le Ministère de l'Educa-tion Nationale de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche comme prestataire de services en R & D (recherche et développement). Les clients français de BioTeSys pourront bénéficier d’un allègement fiscal allant jusqu'à 30% des dépenses en recherche et développement engagées dans le cadre de leur projet.