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Botanicals & OTC

Several in vitro and ex vivo procedures can prove the impact potential of many botanicals. Bioavailability, too, can for example be checked using the intestine model CaCo-2 or an organotypical model of the small intestine. At the same time, the influence of accompanying substances (penetration enhancers) can be tested here. BioTeSys adapts the assays depending on the question.

Securing products with bioactive ingredients scientifically

The increasing health awareness in society is also reflected in the trend towards self-medication. The herbal medicines used in the OTC preparations are partly based on traditional medicine. A simplified procedure for “registration as a traditional medicine” is therefore possible for certain phytopharmaceuticals: proof of efficiency does not have to be substantiated clinically or bibliographically. For registration in Europe, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) also takes into account the longstanding traditional use of botanicals as remedy.