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The appropriate method and design selection is crucial to make substantiated statements on effects at food product studies. Therefore, we established various recognized methods for these subject areas. In addition, we continuously expand our portfolio.

Clinical trials evaluating effects

Objectives/functional methods and parameters

  • Analysis of the endothelial function using EndoPAT™
  • Anthropometry (BIA etc.)
  • Respiratory gas analysis
  • Blood pressure diagnostics (24-hour measurement, blood pressure diary etc.)
  • ECG
  • Established test methods to record the cognitive performance (computer-based or paper pencil test)
  • Functional parameters of the musculoskeletal system (strength diagnosis, eccentric or concentric maximum strength, muscle or joint stress test etc.)
  • Functional parameters of the gastrointestinal tract (defecation frequency, stool weight, transit time etc.)
  • Thermography
  • TrichoScan® (hair analysis)

Subjective methods/questionnaire technique

  • Evaluation and interpretation of validated questionnaires and scales on the respective indication area (SF-36, POMS, PSST, DRSP, WOMAC etc.)
  • Nutrition surveys (dietary diary or food frequency questionnaire etc.)
  • Activity questionnaire
  • Evaluation of tolerance
  • Global Assessment
  • TrichoScan® (hair analysis)

Biomarker analytics, kinetics etc.

  • Tolerance tests (glucose, fructose etc.)
  • Bioavailability and recording of pharmacokinetic parameters AUC, Cmax and tmax
  • Long-term bioavailability
  • Analysis of biomarkers in different bodily fluids (cytokines, antioxidants, bioassays etc.)
  • Analysis of biomarkers in oral mucosa cells (buccal mucosa)