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Scientific Advice

Prof. Roland Grafström is part of the advisory board at BioTeSys. He acts as scientific advisor to the in vitro-based safety assessment studies.

Advisor to in vitro-based product safety

Prof. Grafström received his Medical Science degree in 1980 and has been maintaining a tenured Professor position at the Karolinska Institute (KI) in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2000.

His CV lists about 150 peer-reviewed research articles and several international awards related to environmental medicine, toxicology and alternative methods research. His area of expertise includes application of human cells to toxicity analyses, cancer research and omics-based biomarker discovery. His major academic funding comes from the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Allergy and Cancer fund and five EU-FP-7 and H2020 programms emanating projects devoted to chemicals and nanomaterials safety assessment.

Roland Grafström is founder, board member and part-owner of Cercon AB, a company devoted to biomedical consulting (1983-current), and Predictomics AB, a company devoted to biomarker assisted prediction and testing of human health (2008-current). The company missions have been directed towards both academic and industrial institutions including theoretical and practical courses as well as research guidance. Clients have included Pfizer, ASTRAZENECA, Nestlé, Unilever, Akzo Nobel, Swedish Match, Casco AB, Perstorp AB and various biotech companies as well as academic research institutions throughout Europe. His contact and record of engagement for BioTeSys has included various projects since 2002.