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BioTeSys is a member of the Bioeconomy Network for Generating Bio-based Products in order to support the new economic system.

Evaluating the tolerance of new products

Bioeconomy is the biobased, sustainable economy based on the efficient use of biological resources such as plants, animals and microorganisms. It includes all industries that produce, process or in any way use biological resources. Thus the following sectors belong to the bioeconomy, if only in part: agriculture and forestry, energy industry, fisheries and aquaculture, paper and textile industries, as well as the chemical and pharmaceuticals industries, food industry and industrial biotechnology.

A number of new products are developed–their tolerance must be tested scientifically. Part of the public is concerned when it comes to the use of genetic engineering or nanoparticles in foods, cosmetics etc. BioTeSys offers rapid and well-priced analytics and in vitro testing to secure those new products.